Apply for a Paul Bachorz Rider Safety Training Grant

The Paul Bachorz Rider Safety Training Grant

The Paul Bachorz Rider Safety Training Grant was established in 2011 to honor the memory of Paul Bachorz. Paul was an avid BMW motorcyclist with a big heart and a love for the BMW riding community. He was an active member of the BMW MOA and a regular contributor to the BMW Owners News as editor of the “Touring Tips” column. Paul was also a member of his local chapter, the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Vermont who generously provided the seed money to establish a fund in his memory. The MOA Foundation has continued to fund the program on an annual basis to further our mission supporting rider safety, education and training.

The purpose of the Paul Bachorz Rider Safety Training Grant is to award grants to individuals in the motorcycle riding community to assist them in pursuing rider education and training opportunities. The Foundation will award grants of up to $250 for MOA members, or up to $100 for non-members (neither amount to exceed the actual cost of the training), towards the cost of participation in an approved training course. A committee comprised of 3 Foundation Board members will review all requests submitted and exercise broad discretion in approving training proposals.

Individuals interested in receiving a grant should complete the submission form below. Requests must be submitted prior to the registration deadline for the training course selected and should contain a description of the training including the training provider, cost, location, and dates of the training. In no case will grants be approved for requests submitted after a training or rider education program has been completed. You can expect to be contacted by the Foundation within 30 days of submitting your request. Grants are limited to individuals and one grant per applicant annually. Questions can be sent to [email protected]

Thanks, Paul B. Your friends and fellow BMW riders continue to be touched by your generosity.

Apply for a Paul Bachorz Rider Safety Training Grant to attend the rider training of your choice by completing the web form below. Should you need any assistance completing the form please call us at 864-438-0962 during regular business hours or email [email protected].