How Much Risk Are You Willing To Take?

This article begins a series of MotoSafe columns on “Street Strategies.” In the following months we hope to guide you, our fellow BMW MOA members, in the awareness and application of strategies to help you better enjoy your ride. We hope to introduce, and maybe reintroduce, you to those strategies that will help you

How Much Risk Are You Willing To Take?2022-08-17T02:35:21+00:00

Developing and Refining Riding Strategies

Think about your riding style for a minute, specifically how you start the motorcycle, look when pulling from a stop, how far you look down the road or all the little things you do on a motorcycle which make you, well… you. Now think about how you learned them – overnight or through some

Developing and Refining Riding Strategies2022-08-17T02:31:36+00:00

Situational Awareness – Sierra Alpha

Pilots use the international phonetic alphabet, and therefore understand immediately the meaning of the term "sierra alpha." It is code for SA, which is the acronym for situational awareness. Motorcyclists with more than about 5,000 miles understand the concept, but not necessarily the terminology. The individuals most acutely sensitive to situational awareness are fighter

Situational Awareness – Sierra Alpha2022-08-17T02:28:30+00:00

The Importance of Posture

There is no better place to start your journey toward becoming a better motorcyclist than thinking about how you sit when riding your motorcycle. Though they’re not usually seated, serious athletes are hyper-aware of technique and body position. A pair of outliers in their respective sports are Tom Brady and Tiger Woods. Both Brady

The Importance of Posture2022-08-17T02:16:25+00:00
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